It goes without saying that our translations are of high quality and always delivered on time. But at LinguaMedica, we also try to make sure that our relationship with the customer includes an element of friendliness, warmth and flexibility.

So if you have an urgent job, you do not have to crawl down the telephone line to get through to us. Normally we will find some "space" in the schedule and make room for the more acute cases.

And one can imagine you might have an employee who is experiencing linguistic difficulty in formulating some particular sentence. In these circumstances, it could be nice to discuss the problem with a third party. You are always welcome to contact LinguaMedica for advice - free of charge.

  • Translation: We have years of experience translating clinical study protocols, medical records, patient information and informed consent sheets, brochures and marketing material, standard operating procedures, health service accreditation standards, and annual accounts for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Interpretation: Interpreting during patient consultations, medical congresses, seminars, etc. and also in court cases.
  • Follow-up seminars: Going through the year's work; exchange of experience and discussion on working methods, including suggestions for better and more efficient routines; information on new translation techniques and new systems.
  • Text editing.
  • Consultancy in connection with large translation jobs.